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Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships for International student

 Colors of Concordia Award

The Colors of Concordia Award was established in 2005 through the fundraising efforts of members and friends of the Colors of Concordia Team, which has had over 200 participants from 62 countries in Montréal's annual Tour de l'Ile for several years.The guiding philosophy of the Colors of Concordia Team, and the Colors of Concordia Award, resides in promoting awareness, cooperation, cultural integration and communication, and the bringing together of different cultural communities.As such, the purpose of this award is to encourage and reward a full-time or part-time Undergraduate student (ambassador) at Concordia, who has demonstrated initiative in trying to unite people from different cultures (religious, ethnic, sovereign) and who remains committed to promoting cultural integration. This award is open to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and International Students. 


General eligibility guidelines

Scholarships, bursaries and awards at Concordia University are restricted to:
·         Full-time students in Bachelor / Baccalaureate programs in acceptable academic standing

·         Students who are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents
·         International students, or part-time students will find a limited number of scholarships, bursaries and awards open to them
Undergraduate students in Bachelor's programs who are registered with the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) are automatically considered as full-time for Concordia's scholarships, bursaries, and awards as long as they are enrolled in at least 1 class per semester. The Financial Aid and Awards Office ensure that the various scholarship and bursary selection committees consider ACSD clients as full-time.  
Undergraduate students in Bachelor's programs who are members of Concordia's Institute for Co-Operative Education and are on an authorized Work Term are automatically considered full-time for scholarships and bursaries during the Work Term semester(s).
Students in Bachelor's programs who are away on an authorized Student Exchange Program with an STOQ ("Studies outside Quebec") notation on their record are also considered as full-time for scholarships and bursaries during the exchange semester(s).
Please note that this does not guarantee full-time status for governmental student assistance.
Visiting students and Independent students are not eligible for scholarships, bursaries or awards.

One-award policy

Please note that you may hold only one (1) of the following types of Concordia awards during a given academic year:
·         Entrance Scholarships
·         Entrance Bursaries
·         In-Course Scholarships
·         In-Course Bursaries

For example:

We implemented this policy to ensure that as many students as possible receive a scholarship, bursary, or award each academic year.
Please note that:
·         You may hold more than one of these awards if authorised by the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee.
·         You may hold any number of external awards in addition to your scholarship or bursary.

Selection and administration

Concordia’s the Undergraduate Scholarship and Awards Committee oversees and administers undergraduate scholarships, bursaries, and awards. The committee is composed of:
·         Chairperson
·         Four faculty members
·         One member from Enrollment and Student Services
·         One Concordia Student Union member
·         One member of the Concordia Council on Student Life
·         Managerial staff from the Financial Aid and Awards Office.
The Financial Aid and Awards Office act on behalf of the committee in routine / daily administrative matters, and also plans and oversees the annual award cycles.

Methods of Payment

For example:

We pay all Entrance Scholarships, Entrance Bursaries, In-Course Scholarships, In-Course Bursaries, and International Student Tuition Bursaries directly to the recipients' university accounts in order to assist with tuition and fees.

View or download the bulletin / application form here.

Application deadline: October 14 2016 at 5:00 p.m.



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