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Bishops University

Brief description:

Bishops University is a Canadian University located at the Eastern township at Quebec, Quebec University, occupies a 550 acres of land with various structures ranging from seven residencies, two theaters, two libraries, neat classrooms, laboratories, three gyms, 800 seat arena indoor pool,music recital hall, chapel, daycare center, duck pond, wildlife refuge center, outdoor pool, golf course and ten tennis courts.

Motto:Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant
Sound learning strengthens the spirit

Color: Purple/ Gray
Bishops University was founded in the year 1843, under the sponsorship of the Right Reverend G.J. Mountain, the Anglican Bishop of Quebec, with the assistance of a group of clergy and laymen from the Eastern Townships.

Programs offered:

Bishops University offers two study programs which includes:
  1. Bachelors (B.A., B.B.A., B.Ed., and B.Sc.)
  2. Masters (M.A., M.Ed., and M.Sc.)


At Bishops University, there are three faculties that offer over a hundred course and they are:
  1. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  2. The Williams School of Business
  3. The School of Education


Bishops university is among the list of Canadian Universities that offers both local and international students scholarships, based on the allowed criteria. Check out scholarships here


For Quebec locals the total fees paid per semester is 2,300 CAD
For other citizen of Canada outside Quebec, fees paid per semester is approx. 7,500 CAD
For international students, fees paid per semester is 18,000 CAD