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About Ielts

IELTS stands for International English Language Test Standard. IELTS is an examination that was propagated by the British government then Australia followed suit before the Canadians. IELTS is an examination taken by non English speaking countries of poor English speaking citizens for the sole purpose of immigrating to an English speaking nation. Either the IELTS is accepted by the country to teach foreign students or as a means of communication or tutelage.

IELTS is an examination taken all over the world and acceptable also globally. IELTS can be written online as a CBT (computer based test) or as a PBT (paper based test). IELTS examinations have centers all over the world but only the United Kingdom has the exclusive right to access and score the scripts of the candidates. As stated earlier IELTS can be written in the united states , Nigeria, Japan etc. it is advised that before one applies for the English test one is advised to do a Prep. Study for at least one full month. After your IELTS lessons must have successfully completed in your practice center of choice, then you can now apply for your IELTS examinations in your home country. The good thing about IELTS is that it can be written 2 (two) times in a month.

IELTS helps to facilitate the quick processing of travel visa either as a student visa or a work permit visa. Another good advantage of IELTS is that if your spouse has earlier passed the test and has been issued a visa, it is an added advantage to you same thing to the children if you were not able to get the IELTS results in your home country and eventually you are issued a visa. You can still apply and write your IELTS in Diaspora.

IELTS assessments come in three formats: 

  • Reading ability 

  • Writing ability

  • Speaking ability

Those are the four major factor that the examiner accesses.
Before one can be considered to take part in the IELTS examinations it is expected that you were able to make a minimum of five (5) O’level credits of which English language and mathematics is inclusive. The reason math is compulsory skills. Those requirements are for undergraduates applicants. B.Sc, ND, PhD. M.Sc etc. are added advantage it helps to propagate visa application speedily. If you haven’t written your IELTS today, my first advice is for you to go for a month preparatory class first and at the end of the program you would be given a test or MOCK as a heads up.
Registration and payments are done online and your forms are manually sent by courier.